Sebastián Bayo

Sebastián Bayo is a Spanish contemporary artist and architect whose work explores the limits between the inner psychological space and the outer contextual space. Through the pictorial and spatial analysis of the boundaries and connections between the space “inside” and the space surrounding the individual, Bayo creates quite touching pieces that make the viewers meditate. Sebastián Bayo’s pictorial style is in between expressionism and abstraction. Combining and distorting traditional portraits by multiplying the eyes, teeth, noses, ears … Bayo transforms figurative expressions until they become something deeper. Most of Bayo’s pieces are made out of many layers that overlap each other defining almost architectonical spaces. By the use of mixed media techniques, Bayo explores the symbiosis between the digital and the hand-made.  


Ceu San Pablo University - Architecture, Spain


2016 – Expressions - Crown house Creative, London

2018 - Enbruto - Escuela de Artes y Oficios, Vitoria-Gasteiz

2019 - Metainventario - Solo show at El inventario de Abestudio, Madrid

contact: (+34)648672927

Madrid (Spain)

Sebastián Bayo - SBMDRAWINGS